EzTraffic Explanations

First off, this method is legal because you don't redirect people even if they don't want to. They are forwarded only if they click on your banner/clickbait image.

Take a look at these sites:

Take a look at the master sitemap for a 2 Millions links project


I need 3 to 5 keywords to get content. Text is not really readable by the user but we don't care, they don't see it at all. Google does and this is what we want.

My script build sitemap.

a 2millions project is about 80-100mb to upload in your host.

Spider will see your sitemap and it will click on links inside.

The pages are created when you or spider click on the links.

So for a 2 millions project, expect 10GB disk space

When some pages are created and spider will come almost every single day to click on new links, these pages need to be indexed by Search Engine. Obviously, I do not manage this part. Only Google knows how much pages they want to index or not.

This is why here the quantity is much more important that any other services focused on quality.

Now longtail keyword

Take your main ones and grab ALL related longtail keywords. No matter about the volume, take just them all

2 millions links I need 3500-4000 longtail

250,000 I need 500 only

These longtail are for Title of all pages created.

You need domain and site (10gb) to host the project

I need destination URL (where you want to send traffic)

Clickbait image: Any banner like my norobot.gif or any promotion where people are willing to click to get more info/ where they are interested to go.

If they do, they are now very targeted traffic and very close to buy want you want to sell.

Background image

The image is to hide the content, normally if I want to send traffic to a clickbank affiliate product, I take screenshot of the landing page then I put this image in front of user, the clickbait appears, if the user close the page, you will get click from google but thats it, but if they click on the banner, the cookie is now on the way. You got me on that? :)

How much clicks?

Well its very hard to say, it depends popularity of your niche, how much link we built.

With 4 millions using 5 domains, after few months, i get over 1000 clicks per month on my links in Google and I'd say 20-25 per day clicks on my clickbait.

From there, I earn $100/month affiliate .

Now for this same project I use 12 domains and 31 millions of links. I'm waiting indexation.


250,000 is a demo, you won't receive a lot of traffic but you will see how it works.

2 millions is a good starting point (1 domain)

A good network, with my experience, and i do that method for a year now, you would need 10 domains using 1 different hosting to use different IPs.

Yes, some investment here. but at the end, if we do it right, you will receive a very targeted traffic.

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